Assault at Trump Tower Actor Indya Moore of Pose attacks Trump Supporter

In my opinion...

Dion Cini of was attacked over the weekend by Actor and Transgender Indya Moore. Dion was simply standing outside of tower tower with his Banner for TRUMP 2020 when the actor lashed out and tried to steal Mr. Cini's Property.

The video below shows the interaction

You can simply do a google search to see  that Mr. Cini attacked the actor (whom i've never heard of and don't want to) when the video shows the interaction the other way around.

I showed my support on facebook when the video was first posted, by saying that if he had a gun it was in within Cinis legal right to shoot the attacker of course, that got me suspended for seven days. This speaks volumes to those who would DARE defend themselves because they stand for the wrong things. There will come a day when these people can just enter your home and do what they want and because you voted wrong they can do what you as they please.

laws are UNBIAS, they don't care who where or what you do/are. They do not apply differently based on your status.

Show Dion some support be visiting his website.

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