Breaking: Trump has begun flying Illegals migrants to Dem. cities

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It seems that the President wasn’t just joking around. President Trump has just sent 135+ Illegals from the south border to San Diego,Ca. To release the ever growing pressure at the border. It has been noted that others will be sent to other cities through out the U.S.

This would allow them to be more processed more quickly, and will aid everyone involved. However, it seems that the Democrats are still upset about this. Many have been reported saying it will lead to human trafficking as well as homelessness.

109,144 migrants We’re held last month alone (april 2019) Which was the highest recorded amount since 2007 ( under Obama).

I believe the democrats are upset because this isn’t controlled in their hands, as we know they were to be released to red counties for the fact of flipping the vote for the upcoming election. (in theory). In this case the migrants will be in the hands of people who WILL protect them and help them inside of using them as weapons. I don’t agree with illegal immigration and i do believe some of these people do need help as some of them come from Venezuela and are being pushed up to north america by the china and Russian intervention.

In my humble opinion, this problem will not be fixed until Venezuela is fixed. in Europe they needed the Syria Conflict to cause migrants to come, and we know for a fact they were weaponized against all of the places that took them in. The U.N. is trying to do the same thing here. It’s well known that many of the people coming into the country over the illegally are coming with Pre-Paid Visa cards paid for by the U.N.

You want to stop this? “Build that wall” is the first step.

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