Banned Videos Report In my opinion...

With censorship being an issue for right wing issues. Such as the proudboys, Oath Keepers, Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, and the LONG list of people either not allowed on one or all of social media platforms the owner of this site made this site where people could interact without worrying about being banned from Facebook, twitter or Google/Youtube.

Earlier this month the owner of the site was visited by the FBI for Copyright claims for some of the music on the website that was uploaded by users. The FBI wanted to collect the servers and check them, or giving an option for the owner to Format the server deleting everything and starting over, he opted for the latter.

Tonight, Sept 1. The website wend dark with just this message displayed on the main page. the owner will most likely make a video after in the day explaining what happened. In the meantime i'm going to send him an email.

Check back on this story for updates.

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