You can’t Watch this Documentary – Alex Jones, PJW, Gavin etc.


It's about about 2 months, so most of the money to be made off of this Documentary is done being made.


Is this the future for America? Who decides when and where free speech applies? Are Silicon Valley giants the new arbiters of the Constitution?With social media increasingly the centre of public and private life, what happens when you can’t get online?

You Can’t Watch This is an independent documentary film concerning itself with Freedom of Speech and the online world. Told through the stories of high profile conservatives who vanished from the internet almost overnight, YCWT explores the effects and efficacy of social media censorship and the implications for Americans’ First Amendment rights.

In Europe the rules are changing. Hate speech laws, online hate crime police units, the restriction on fair use of content and memes are all painting a dystopian picture of the future. You Can't Watch This explores what happens not just when Big Tech takes power, but when the Government itself puts pressure to ban those they feel threatened by.


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