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Notices :

5/22/22: Youtube again is giving me trouble so it gave me time to work on the site, which i should do more often. I was able to get the SSL script for the site, it will no longer give a warning and all embeds will work. it’s costly to have every year, so please donate if you can. YOUTUBE will be back Monday 5/23

4/20/22 : Youtube New rule of 2 (yes, like the sith) You can only have 2 accounts tied to a phone number.
I know secrets tho. even if i costs me money.

4/19/22 : Account Banned. New one placed (YOUTUBE)

3/16/22 : On Saturday the 19th the stream may go down shortly to update the RUMBLE STREAM hardware. Should look better and lag less.

Thanks to D.N. for the Donation! ($40)